Our trip to Ireland

Our trip to Ireland took place from the 18th of September till the 27th of September. The first five days we stayed in groups at host-families which lived in Galway, a town located at the west coast of Ireland. School was from Monday until Friday, four hours per day and after that we either had some events, like bowling or walking-tours, or we could spend some time in the beautiful town and drink tea or go shopping for a while. The Cliffs of Moher, which were our destination on Saturday after we finished school, were a magnificent experience just like the monestry Clonmacnoise or the Cathedrals located in Galway. We saw beautiful landscapes, covered in rich green and had the chance to improve and strengthen our English abilities. On the last two days in Dublin, we visited the National Museum and spent our free time strolling through the town and admiring its on-holding medieval appearance. We met a lot of people and even learned some Irish-slang. (“Howaya!, What’s the craic?”) It was a great real life experience and I can only recommend it. 

Schülerinnen der 4AB