Breakfast for a Queen

The traditional English breakfast prepared by the 1FS students

Have you ever tried a traditional English breakfast? If not, you should really do it. You’ll ask yourself why? Because in my opinion the food of the English breakfast, especially the eggs and the tomatoes, tastes good and it smells good, too. Let me tell you what an English breakfast consists of. The ingredients are eggs, tomatoes, bacon rashers, sausages, toast, mushrooms and baked beans. Every ingredients is fried in a pan with oil and that’s it! Really easy, don’t you think?

Birgit Wildbichler, 1FS


I really enjoyed the fried eggs and bacon. They just tasted delicious. I didn’t really like the scones (Rosinenbrötchen), they all tasted different. In my opinion the porridge was the best of the whole breakfast. I personally think that it isn’t the healthiest breakfast, but you don’t need to worry about it because you won’t eat it every week.

Patricia Wagner, 1FS


The English breakfast was very good. The baked beans tasted the best. I have never eaten English breakfast before. I hope we will cook again something from England.

Jasmin Nasufovic, 1FS


I would really like to eat English breakfast again, because I just liked it very much and I will definitely cook it at home. My parents will be very happy too, because they have also never had English breakfast.

Hamza Gürbüz, 1FS