Our trip to England

Two weeks ago, we went to England with our class. Our flight went quite well, there weren’t any complication. After we landed at Heathrow Airport, we went to the Dorothy Stringer Highschool in Brighton by bus, where our host families picked us up. Everyone immediately noticed that their host family was very nice and friendly. So, we were happy.

One of our highlights took place on the next day. We went to London with our guide Elena. She showed us all the important sights; the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and more. At Oxford Street everyone enjoyed shopping. We think that we spend most of our money there on the first day. 

From Monday to Friday we had to go to the Dorothy Stringer Highschool, where we had 3 – 4 lessons in the morning. In the afternoons Elena showed us some really cool sights around Brighton. So, we went to the Brighton Pier, Lewes (an old historic town), we went bowling and had fun hanging around with friends. 

One of the trips we loved best was the breath-taking country park at the Seven Sisters, a series of chalk cliffs in the south of England.

Everyone who has the chance to take part in a language trip, should do so. You will have some very cool experiences with your friends and create memories that last for a lifetime!

Thank you for this amazing trip!


Magdalena Waltl and Elisa Wippel