The visit of the play “Hamlet“ at the Orpheum in Graz

We all love classical literature, don’t we? Without a question, educating young people and maintaining cultural values is a huge responsibility for our school system. Being entertained and offered an escape from everyday school life are two aspects both teachers and pupils enjoy.  Why not combine education and entertainment and even improve our language skills at the same time? That’s exactly what we did by watching the play “Hamlet”, performed by Vienna English Theatre.

William Shakespeare’s classical tragedy “Hamlet” revolves around young Hamlet, the prince and heir to the throne of Denmark. He experiences loss, love, drama and everything an exciting play asks for.

Nevertheless, experience shows that it is not easy to put such a long and eventful play on stage. Vienna English Theatre provided a high level of English, which gave us the opportunity to expand our vocabulary. However, everything felt kind of out of place. Several roles portrayed by only four actors made the play confusing. In addition, the music did not really match the occasions. A more entertaining and creative approach to the play would have helped keeping the play lively and enjoyable.

Written by Florian Fischer, Michaela Leber, Valentina Haas and Magdalena Friedberger, 4B