Life Skills: NEW How-to videos RELEASED!!

We know how! What special abilities do you have?

This video project started with a simple question: What are my strengths and hidden talents? After some initial thinking, each 1FSB student picked a unique skill – something they are good at – and made their own How-to video about it. From the basics of making videos and writing scripts in English to creating a thumbnail and showing their skills in a video, class 1FSB showed an impressive set of skills with this Life Skills project!
Ingrid Schatzmayr
Aline Wetzlmair | Psychology
Ingrid Schatzmayr & Aline Wetzlmair | English
Michaela Reichmann & Doris Stark | Office Management

How to create valentine cards

How to make slime

How to sew a donut

How to make a pudding

How to do lips

How to braid your hair

How to solve the rubic's cube

How to draw a body

How to bake biscuits

How to make a sleek ponytail

How to make pizza