Our language trip to Malta

Hello everyone, today I would like to talk about our language trip to Malta. The trip was very nice and enjoyable. When we arrived in Malta, we went to our host family's house. They showed us their home, our bedroom and bathroom etc. They were nice and friendly and welcomed us warmly.
The language school was fun. We had a friendly guide and a very nice teacher. The school in general was very helpful in improving our English. We made our own magazine and it was a great experience.
My favourite sightseeing trip was to the capital of Malta, Valetta. The city is so beautiful, I took very nice pictures and enjoyed the view from the city walls. The ancient city of Mdina was also very beautiful with elegant limestone buildings.
The language trip was a great experience for me! I had so much fun with my classmates and our teachers. I was also able to improve my English. The Maltese people are all very open and friendly, so it is easy to make friends. You meet so many people and by talking to them you can improve your English. After school you have a lot of free time. You can stay with your host family or go out with some of your classmates. In our free time we went to the beach with our classmates. It was great to spend more time with the classmates you don't know so well!
Büsra Öncebe, 2FSB