Christmas 2020

A very different year now draws to a close. Home schooling, distance learning and video conferences have become parts of our everyday school life. The last English lesson before the Christmas holidays is usually characterised by Christmas activities. Of course, this was not possible this year. Nevertheless, we did not forget the upcoming festivity. The pupils’ last task before Christmas was to give me a little insight into their Christmas preparations. I received photos of heart-warming letters to Santa, delicious homemade English shortbread, lovely Christmas decorations and pupils dressed up for Christmas Eve. Thank you for your festive contributions!
Merry Christmas to you and your families and a Happy and Healthy 2021!

Gerlinde Ules

Dear Santa

I do not know if you are still working because of Corona. But if you are working, I have just one single Christmas wish: Please, magic Covid away or invent a Corona vaccine with your elves!
Then we will be able to celebrate Christmas better next year.  I think that is it for this year.  Ahh, I almost forgot: When you come to our home, there will even be some Shortbread biscuits on the table for you. Of course, with a glass of milk next to it. Thanks to my English teacher for giving us this delicious recipe. I hope, you will like them, too!
Merry Christmas!
Ioana Iliu, 1BI