Visit to the English theatre – Roxy and Cy

On the 11th of December we went to the Orpheum to watch the play “Roxy and Cy”. The play was performed by “Vienna’s English theatre school tours”.
“Roxy and Cy” is about the ugly boy called Cy and the pretty girl called Roxy. They are best friends. One day Roxy falls in love with a handsome boy named Chris. Cy helps Chris to get Roxy as his girlfriend, even though he has feelings for her himself. On the way back from Manchester, where Cy had a rap-battle, Chris tragically dies in a car accident.
In our view the message of the play is “don’t just look at the body, the character also counts”. We find the moral of the story very important and enjoyed watching the play a lot.
Lea Sophie Köstenberger, Paula Nussmüller, Annika List-Reiter und  Valerie Thomaser, 1A