Life Skills: Food from all around the world

In our English class, we talked about food from all over the world. Inspired by the students’ presentations about French and Italian classics, Balkan cuisine and traditional Turkish dishes, class 1FSB organized a delicious international brunch together with their class teacher Ms. Fuchs. Sigara börek, filo rolls filled with feta cheese from Turkey, turned out to be the most popular dish! Class 1FSB certainly knows a lot about international cuisines and how food brings people from different countries and cultures together.
Here are some extracts from their blog entries about this topic!

I love food from all countries, from all over the world. But Arabic cuisine is my favourite. They have such a great selection of food, like for vegetarians, vegans and for meat lovers. Arabic cuisine has everything and I’m sure that if you try it for the first time, you will love it too. So, try it out!"


I tasted sigara börek from Turkey for the first time when my class organised an international breakfast at school and one of my classmates made sigara börek. I was very excited, they tasted very good even though I don’t like cheese so much. When you eat food from other countries it means you accept the people of this country. It is very important to accept other cuisines as well as other people, because then there would be less discrimination."


Spicy and nutritious food is something I enjoy a lot, so I really like to cook Indian cuisine. My all-time favorite right now has been Indian curry. That’s because it’s quite easy to make and you can add things you like, such as vegetables or rice and bread for example, which taste kind of bland on their own, and it’ll still taste great."