Life Skills: Our how-to videos

We know how to do stuff!

What are your superpowers?

This video project started with a simple question: What are my strengths and hidden talents? After some initial brainstorming, every 1FSB student chose one unique skill – something that they know how to do – and made their own how-to video about it. From the basics of how to make videos and the scriptwriting in English to creating a thumbnail and presenting their skills in a video format, class 1FSB showed a remarkable set of skills with this Life Skills project!



Martina Fuchs | Personal Development
Andrea Mayr & Ingrid Schatzmayr | English
Brigitte Missethan & Michaela Reichmann | Office Management


Below you can find some of the videos and thumbnails. Stay tuned! New videos coming soon!


How 2 Motorcycle

How 2 befriend a cat

How 2 make "cake in a cup"

How 2 Pancake

How 2 Brookies