Our end of the school year activity –

City walk through Graz

In our last English double lesson, we made a walk to different sights of Graz.
We saw the Lady Liberty, which was created in 1992, exactly 500 years after the discovery of America. The sculpture is a reconstruction, on a scale of 1:1, of the American Statue of Liberty. We visited the Archduke Johann Fountain on the main square. It has its name in remembrance of Archduke Johann who did many things for Graz. In the castle of Graz, we went up the double spiral staircase, which was built between 1499 and 1500. It is also called the reconciliation staircase because you always meet again in the middle. On top of the Castle hill, we saw the 28 metres high Clock Tower. It was built in the 13th century. The Friendly Alien, which is the Museum of Art in Graz was built as a part of the European Capital of Culture in 2003 and has become an architectural landmark in our town. Its exhibition program specialises in contemporary art from the 1960s onwards.
Our last stop was an ice cream parlour, where we got an ice cream in recompense for this hard job and to cool down on such a hot day! Happy holidays! :)
The pupils of the 1A