A week in the sun: Exploring Malta with the 2FSB

Did you know that in Malta you have 300 days of sun?
We, the 2FSB, spend a week at the picturesque island of Malta and explored its rich and unique culture.  
From the bustling capital city of Valletta to the second island of Malta, Gozo, with its stunning cliffs and deep blue waters to the beaches of the Riviera, we experienced the best of what Malta had to offer.  We also wandered through the winding streets of the medieval town of Mdina, admiring its ancient walls and historic landmarks – no wonder, ”Game of Thrones” was filmed there.
But it wasn't all about sightseeing - we also had a chance to improve our English skills with daily lessons and fun games in the afternoons. After class, we went home to our host families to have dinner with them, which gave us another chance to chat in English. Finally, in the evening, we met up at our favourite spot on the beach with a stunning view of the ocean, framed by ancient stones, to share our experiences and have fun.
It was the perfect place to reflect on the adventure and create lifelong memories.
Grazzi, Malta!
Melissa Alimi and Antonia Haid, 2FSB

Malta 2FSB